The Behavioral Sciences Lab
The FCI's first Behavioral Sciences Lab (BSL) is now located in Aguascalientes, Mexico. It exists to serve as a resource for the examination of cases involving gender and human rights perspectives. This includes forced disappearances, human trafficking, femicides, and the killings of both journalists and social activists. Originating from our forensic casework work with The United Nations in Bogota DC, The Attorneys General Offices in Bogota and Aguascalientes, and various Femicide Observatories across Mexico -- the primary mission of the BSL is to provide low cost / pro bono forensic examinations, reports, and expert testimony in cases where vulnerable populations have been targeted or exploited.
Its secondary mission is to create a network of Universities and professionals capable of teaching and performing forensic examinations with a human rights perspective in conformity with best international scientific practice standards.   
If you have a case that falls within these parameters, contact us for help.