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Violent Crimes Unit - Active Cases

This is a resource page for links and public documents associated with some of The VCU's open cases.

This case involves the shooting death of Samantha Harer (23 YO WF), in Channahan, Illinois, on February 13, 2018. She was a WESCOM 911 Dispatcher, and was dating Crest Hill Police Officer Felipe "Phil" Flores. He was with her at the time of her death, and they were arguing. She was found shot dead in her bedroom under suspicious circumstances.

Officer Flores,  was accused of rape in 2016.
Suspicious Death
The Shooting of Samantha Harer, Police Dispatcher


Crest Hill Cop On Paid Leave Amid Channahon Death Probe: Coroner Patrick O'Neil revealed that more investigation is needed to determine the cause and manner of Samantha Harer's shooting death.

By John Ferak, Patch Staff | Feb 14, 2018

Channahon Police Call Samantha Harer's Death A Suicide: Channahon Police refused to answer most questions from her parents, Kevin and Samantha Harer.

By John Ferak, Patch Staff | Dec 28, 2018

Samantha Harer's Gunshot Death Classified As Suicide By Channahon: The Harers are extremely disappointed, according to their family spokesman Paul Ciolino.

By John Ferak, Patch Staff | Dec 28, 2018 

Parents say 'not a chance' Channahon woman killed herself after hearing coroner's ruling

By ALEX ORTIZ, Jan. 2, 2019


Family Of Woman Killed Disagrees With Coroner's Suicide Ruling BERNIE TAFOYA, JANUARY 03, 2019 


Samantha Harer's Death: 75 Unanswered Questions

By John Ferak, Patch Staff | Jan 6, 2019 

Herald-News obtains dispatcher suicide 911 call

By ALEX ORTIZ, Jan. 10, 2019


Crest Hill police officer made more than $70,000 while on leave

By ALEX ORTIZ, Jan. 15, 2019


Listen: 911 Call From Samantha Harer Gunshot Death

By John Ferak, Patch Staff | Jan 17, 2019

"Let Me Go" - The Herald News Obtains Police Reports from Dispatcher's Death
By ALEX ORTIZ, Jan. 15, 2019


Samantha Harer Gunshot Residue Test Results:

Patch obtained hundreds of reports from Channahon Police's probe into the WESCOM 911 dispatcher's violent death.

By John Ferak, Patch Staff | Jan 29, 2019 

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