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Partnerships / Strategic Alliances / Gallery

A strategic alliance is an agreement between two or more individuals, groups, or companies to jointly pursue a set of agreed upon objectives, and even share certain resources, while remaining independent organizations. The Forensic Criminology Institute is part of The Global Forensic Alliance, the accreditation guidelines of which govern the parameters of it's operations and affiliations (see below). 


The Institute currently has, or has had, accreditation agreements and / or strategic alliances with the following agencies and organizations:

1. The International Association of Forensic Criminologists /
    Academy of Behavioral Profiling (USA) / / Strategic Alliance


2. Forensic Solutions, LLC

    Sitka, USA / Strategic Alliance





3. The Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council
    Georgia, USA - 2018 / Forensic Victimology Professional Diploma





4. Instituto de Ciencia Aplicada
   Aguascalientes, Mexico / Strategic Alliance





5. Centro de Edstudios Universitarios de Nuevo Occidente
    CEUNO, Mexico / Strategic Alliance (2018-2021



6. Escuela De Inteligencia Militar / School of Military Intelligence
    Guatemala City - 2018 / Forensic Victimology Professional Diploma





7. Universidad Sergio Arboleda
    Bogota, Colombia - 2018 / Forensic Victimology Professional Diploma




8. The Global Forensic Alliance

9. Konrad Lorenz Universidad   

      Bogota, Colombia - 2020 / Strategic Alliance 
      Professional Diploma in Criminal Profiling



10. Please Bring Me Home    

      Ontario, Canada - 2020 / Strategic Alliance 



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