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Our faculty is compromised of internationally renowned and published experts. They all work cases, testify in court, and are Board Certified in Criminal Profiling (D-ABP).
Aurelio Coronado
Aurelio Coronado Mares, PhD

Director -
Forensic Psychology Programs

I specialize in the psychological aspects of torture: on the effects of those who have suffered it; the psychosocial dynamics that support it; and the variables involved in the testimony or confessions obtained under related interrogations. I have lectured throughought Latin America and the United States, often at the request of theSupreme Court of Mexico. My work involves research, case examination, and expert forensic testimony through my private collective of forensic psychologists, Cienca Aplicada.

Currently, I’m  working on the development of protocols for the evaluation of torture with the National Board of Forensic Psychology in Mexico.

PhD - Psychology

Masters - Forensic Science

Bachelors - Psychology


President - College of Psychologists (Aguascalientes)

Diplomate - Academy of Behavioral Profiling (D-ABP)

Directorate - Global Forensic Alliance

Lic. Info:


​- Turvey & Coronado (2016) Protocols of Criminal Investigation, Sitka, Alaska: Forensic Press

- Turvey, Savino, & Coronado (2018) False Allegations: Investigative and Forensic Issues in Fraudulent Reports of Crime (Elsevier Science)

- Turvey & Coronado (2022) Criminal Psychology (Elsevier Science)

Brent E. Turvey, PhD

Director - Forensic Criminology &
                Criminal Profiling Programs

Since 1996, Dr. Turvey has performed casework as a Forensic Scientist, Crime Scene Analyst, Crime Reconstructionist, Forensic Criminologist, and /or Criminal Profiler for law enforcement agencies (police and prosecutors), attorney clients, and private entities all over the world. This includes consultations, forensic assessments, and expert testimony on both criminal and civil matters. These cases involve sexual assault, false allegations, shooting incident reconstructions, serial rapes and homicides, mass homicides, sexual homicides, domestic homicides, staged crime scenes, and other violent crimes.


Dr. Turvey also maintains a caseload of femicides (e.g., sexual homicides, gender motivated homicides), and pre-femicidal violence cases, in Latin America. Many of these are related to drug trafficking and human trafficking. This involves the implementation of the UN Model Protocol for Femicide Investigation in Latin America, with The Forensic Criminology Institute’s Behavioral Science Lab (BSL). In operation since 2019, the BSL collaborates with The United Nations and The Attorney Generals Office in Bogota DC, providing support and training to attorneys and investigators.


Dr. Turvey has worked for government agencies and universities in the United States, China, Korea, Singapore, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Ecuador, Guatemala, Portugal, Australia, and Scotland. He is also the author of multiple peer reviewed textbooks on subjects relating to criminal profiling, forensic criminology, forensic victimology  forensic science, criminal investigation, criminal justice ethics, miscarriages of justice, and law enforcement corruption.

PhD - Criminology

MS - Forensic Science

BS - History, BS - Psychology



Board Member, International Association of Forensic Criminologists

Diplomate - Academy of Behavioral Profiling (D-ABP)

Directorate - Global Forensic Alliance


- Chisum & Turvey (2012) Crime Reconstruction, 2nd Ed. (Elsevier Science)

- Turvey (2013) Forensic Fraud (Elsevier Science)

- Turvey (2013) Forensic Victimology (2013) (Elsevier Science)

- Cooley & Turvey (2014) Miscarriages of Justice (Elsevier Science)

- Crowder & Turvey (2017) Forensic  Investigation (Elsevier Science)

- Turvey, Savino, & Coronado (2018) False Allegations: Investigative and Forensic Issues in Fraudulent Reports of Crime (Elsevier Science)

- Turvey & Coronado (2022) Criminal Psychology (Elsevier Science)

- Turvey (2023) Criminal Profiling, 5th Ed. (Elsevier Science)

For a more complete list, visit

FacebookBrent Turvey - Perfilación Criminal

Brent E. Turvey, PhD
Deimer M. Cardona,


Paul J. Ciolino, D-ABP

Violent Crimes Unit / Instructor

Deimer is an award winning homicide Investigator, formerly with the Colombian National Police;
internationally published in the area of criminal profiling; and court qualified in homicide investigation and criminal profiling (Colombia).

He currently works as a criminal investigator with the National Police in Guatemala City, Guatemala.


Deimer is a Diplomate with the IAFC's Academy of Behavioral Profiling (D-ABP).

Paul is an internationally recognized private investigator and former lead investigator for CBS 48 Hours.


He has published multiple texts on defense investigations and wrongful convictions. He also also author of the award winning "Dead in Six Minutes", available through Forensic Press:


Paul is a Diplomate with the IAFC's Academy of Behavioral Profiling (D-ABP). Currently the Unit Chief of The FCI's VCU - USA.

Contact: IAFC, Board of Directors

Mtra. Karla Valeria Baltazar Torres 

Violent Crimes Unit / Instructor

Dr. Leonardo G. Torres 

Asst. Professor

of Forensic Psychology


Licenciatura, Criminología, Criminalística y Técnicas Periciales (Colegio Libre De Estudios Universitarios, 2016). 


Maestrante, Ciencias Forenses (Universidad de La Salle Bajío, concluye en mayo 2019) 


Karla has been working with The Institute since late 2018 as our lead forensic investigator on cases involving femicide, and other violent crimes. She is also an instructor, giving lectures on her areas of expertise and providing logistical support. 

Currently Unit Chief of the FCI's VCU - MEX



Bachelors Degree - Psychology; PhD - Social Anthropology.


Es Licenciado en Psicología por la Universidad Católica de Cuyo en Argentina, Maestro en Psicoterapia Gestáltica por la Universidad La Concordia y Doctor en Estudios Socio- culturales de la Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes.


Es integrante de la mesa directiva del Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de ese mismo Estado en calidad de comisionado del área de Psicología socio-comunitaria; también es docente de la Facultad de Psicología y Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes (UAA) y de la Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) en las cátedras de investigación aplicada en psicología, investigación aplicada en ciencias sociales, psicología social, psicología comunitaria, neuropsicología y sociología.


Es especialista en estudios de paz y violencia. 

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