Sexual Harassment, Civil Rights & Public Corruption
Officer Mary Ferguson v. City of Sitka et al.


The information on this page is a matter of public record.

Officer Mary Ferguson was found to have been sexually harassed by her immediate supervisor (sexual harassment is a crime) during an investigation into her allegations by the City of Sitka. However, no criminal charges were filed and no sanctions levied. The person responsible - Sgt. Walt Smith - was actually promoted. However, he resigned once these findings were made public by her civil rights lawsuit and The FCI's disclosures to The Assembly.

Subsequent to the Investigation and public reporting by the FCI (2018 / 2019 / FCI Forensic Assessment / Amicus Inquisitio), both the police supervisor involved (Lt. Walt Smith) and the Chief of Police (Jeff Ankerfelt) have resigned - and the City Administrator, Keith Brady, has been fired. 

In 2019, upon recommendation by The FCI and Officer Ferguson, The City agreed to set aside money for an independent investigation into Sitka Police Department. This investigation was quashed by a newly appointed chief of police who hired a convicted criminal as his operations lieutenant. He also fired Officer Ferguson.

In 2020, Officer Ferguson reached a plea agreement with The Sitka Police Department. While the City admitted no fault, she was awarded $515,000 in damages by the City. She was also empowered to conduct her own independent audit of the department.

“Historically, the Sitka Police Department

has been a depressing place to work.

When I first started there, I thought the environment

was completely toxic. It was ‘Lord of the Flies.’

And that challenge persists today."

- Jeff Ankerfelt, former Sitka Police Chief (2016-2019)

Sexual Harassment, Civil Rights & Public Corruption
Officer Mary Ferguson v. City of Sitka et al.


1. FCI Notification of Intent and Request for Assistance, 
   October 31, 2018




2. FCI Forensic Assessment / Amicus Inquisitio, 
    January 8, 2019

3. Settlement Agreement






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Wednesday, May 22, 2019; Note: Newly appointed by City Administrator Keith Brady, Interim Chief Robert Baty hires Lt. Jean Achee, who was forced to resign as Lt. in Wasilla, in 2013, because of a conviction for drunk driving involving a city vehicle. Lt. Achee is apparently an old friend. Does not inform the City Assembly about this criminal history.

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