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Violent Crimes Unit
The FCI's Violent Crime Unit (VCU) is responsible for the forensic assessment and investigation of homicides, sex crimes, missing persons, forced disappearances, and questioned deaths referred to The Institute by attorneys, government agencies, and private entities. 
If you have a case that falls in these or related categories, contact us for help.
Aurelio in Guatemala City
Active Cases
- Alaska 
  Offc. Mary Ferguson v. City of Sitka
  Resolved / Settlement
- Illionois
  Femicide: Samantha Harer
- Ohio
  Femicide: Yvonne Layne
- Aguascalientes, MEX
  Femicide: Yovanna Yaneth Torres Briseño
  Appointed sworn forensic investigators for the
  Attorney General's Office in Aguascalientes.
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