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Masters Program
Forensic Criminology &
Criminal Profiling


Our Masters Program in Forensic Criminology & Criminal Profiling is intended to benefit criminal justice professionals seeking to work in both investigative and/or forensic settings. This includes criminal investigators, forensic examiners, criminologists, attorneys, and forensic mental health professionals (psychologists and therapists) - whether they are at the student or professional level. It also includes instructors of related subjects working at the college or university level. Our program requires the completion of a bachelor's degree maintaining an average GPA of at least 2.5 -- or the equivalent. Click on the image to the right to download the brochure.


This program will accommodate and professionally enhance those seeking to specialize their casework and / or teaching abilities. It includes directed instruction by practicing and testifying forensic professionals. However it also includes hands on experience with actual cases through our Behavioral Sciences Lab -- project that has achieved incredible results, focusing on vulnerable victim populations and human rights.

Classes begin: February 5, 2025

Late Registration available.

Successful completion of this program requires the completion all subjects provided below. Each subject is worth 3 credit hours, for a total of 60 credit hours. This program can be completed in 18-24 months:


Class of 2025


Q1 — 2025, February

FC601: Forensic Criminology

FC603: Forensic Victimology 1 - The Ecological Model

FC604: Forensic Victimology 2 - Vulnerable Populations


Q2 — 2025, June

FC602: Advanced Investigations

FC605: Forensic Victimology 3 - False Allegations & Malingering

FC609: Ethics in Criminal Justice

Q3 — 2025, October

FC606: Criminal Psychology

FC611: Forensic Assessments 1- Civil & Human Rights 


Q4 — 2026, February

FC607: Advanced Crime Scene Analysis 

FC608: Advanced Criminal Profiling: BEA 



Q5 — 2026, June

FC610: Scientific Research Methods & Practice

FC614: Forensic Assessments 4 - Investigating Public Corruption

FC615: Special Topics — Forensic Fraud


Q6 — 2026, October

FC612: Crime and Gender

FC613: Forensic Assessments 3 - 

    Structural Violence & Use of Force

FC616: Report Writing & Expert Testimony


Q7 — 2027, February

FC617: Internship; or FC618: Masters Thesis

The entire masters program can be completed in 18-24 months. Each subject requires 1-2 hours of lecture per week, in addition to homework and writing assignments. Each subject lasts approximately three months.


As mentioned, aa students must complete an internship, either via distance or onsite, with The FCI’s Behavioral Sciences Lab during the last quarter of their program. This will involve hands-on casework and supervised forensic assessments. 





This Masters in Forensic Criminology & Criminal Profiling is offered through The Forensic Criminology Institute (USA) in partnership with Instituto Ciencia Aplicada -- a fully accredited Institute of Higher Education in The United States of Mexico. It has the Recognition of Official Validity of Studies (RVOE) from the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico.

Oficio No.: DGAIR/DIPES/SR/DC/07547/2022
Expediente No.: SR-01-02338-20

Agreement No.: 20220982

Effective Date: September 17, 2020


Official Accreditation Document (click below): 


This Masters Program is also in full compliance with the independent accreditation guidelines set forth by Instituto Ciencia Aplicada, The Global Forensic Alliance, and The IAFC / ABP Criminal Profiler Professional Certification Act of 2013. Students who successfully complete this program will be eligible for IAFC Criminal Profiler certification. 






Program registrations are accepted right up to the program start date. Additionally, students must register for classes in the masters program at the beginning of each quarter, three times per year.  Late registrations are accepted with permission for the instructor.



Step 1: Complete the online application form.

- Follow the step by step instructions closely.

- Pay the application fee online - here.

Step 2: Pay the Registration Fee, required once every quarter before classes begin.
Registration fee / per Semester: $250 USD 


Step 3: Pay Your Tuition - Choose one of the options below

1. Monthly Payment Plan: Min. $350 USD  / Month 

2. Quarterly Payment Plan: $2,000 USD / Quarter for 6 Quarters


TOTAL PROGRAM COSTS: $12,000 USD (approx.)

(*This cost does not include textbooks or other learning materials. It also does not include costs associated with travel and accommodation for the Internship if done on-site. Internships may be completed via distance.)


Full and partial scholarships are available to those in need, with special consideration to those students working in Latin American countries and conflict zones.

Contact us directly for an application. 


Email us with any questions.

Brent E. Turvey, PhD


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